The Silent Muslim Invasion of America

Sunday, January 26, 2014
By Paul Martin

Dave Hodges
January 26, 2014
The Common Sense Show

In the last article in this series, I noted the reasons why America could not be saved. It distresses me greatly to publish an article which condemns the collective manhood of our country. However, the facts are the facts. Collectively, the American male has been feminized and domesticated. What took over 230 years to create and maintain, we have lost over in just over a decade following the 9/11 attacks. We have totally lost the Constitution and we barely hear a whimper from the supposed men in this country.

The reason that I could be so certain that our country will not survive in the new age, the New World Order, if you will, is because America is going down a very familiar path which witnesses the toppling of civil liberties in the annals of history in which previous generations of men lost their collective manhood. Please consider the following quote as People’s Exhibit Number One:

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