Man Overseeing $160 Billion – Loss Of Confidence & Collapse

Tuesday, January 14, 2014
By Paul Martin
January 14, 2014

Today the man who oversees more than $160 billion warned King World News that a loss of confidence threatens to collapse the world financial system. Rob Arnott, who has won an unprecedented six Graham & Dodd Awards and is also Chairman of Research Affiliates, also cautioned KWN about the direction the United States is headed in in his powerful interview below.

Eric King: “Rob, I know you had a chance to read the David Stockman interview here at King World News and I just wondered about your thoughts as you read that?”

Arnott: “I thought that was a wonderful interview. I love David Stockman’s candor. I think politically we are on a very, very dangerous path. Washington broadly, and to some extent I think this is bipartisan, views the private sector with skepticism, views the private sector to some extent as the enemy, views entrepreneurialism as the enemy….

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