Swine flu is back in California — and it’s starting to kill again

Thursday, January 9, 2014
By Paul Martin

By David E. Early and Tracy Seipel

Swine flu is back — and it’s starting to kill Californians again.

As Contra Costa County health officials on Tuesday announced the second recent Bay Area death this month from the virulent H1N1 flu strain, local counties reported an uptick in the number of people showing up in emergency rooms with flu-like symptoms.

Officials said the peak of the flu season is just beginning and the numbers are relatively small compared to other parts of the country, but they reminded the public that there is still time to get vaccinated.

“Some people think if they don’t get it in the fall, it’s too late,” said Erika Jenssen, chief of communicable disease programs at the Department of Public Health in Contra Costa County, where 17 flu patients younger than 65 have recently been admitted to intensive care units. “The peak flu season in California comes January through March.”

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