Opinion on Obama Care Turns Negative, NYT Benghazi Whitewash, Bank Bail-ins Coming in 2014

Friday, January 3, 2014
By Paul Martin

By Greg Hunter
January 3, 2014

The top story is the official start of Obama Care. Look at the mainstream media headline: “Health Care sign-ups top 1 Million.” Here’s what they are not telling you. People who have turned negative on government-run health care are at record numbers. A CNN poll says 63% think the new law will make health care more expensive. Here is probably the biggest headline, and it comes from Harvard. 56% of young people ages 18 to 29 give Obama Care a big thumbs down and are rejecting it. It is critical to get young healthy people paying for something they will not use, and most young people are going to pay the penalty instead of the health care premium. The Democrats are delusional that the UN-Affordable Care Act is going to be a winner for them in the mid-term 2014 elections. If it were so good, why give all the exemptions and put off things like the employer mandate? Wait until the employer mandate kicks in.

Did you hear about the New York Times so-called investigation into the Benghazi attack where our Ambassador and three other people were murdered? The Times is saying the attackers had no ties to al-Qaeda and it really was because of an anti-Islamic video. The Times doesn’t even bother to interview key people responsible for security at the State Department such as Eric Nordstrom. Nordstrom testified to Congress that Benghazi ranked “HIGH or CRITICAL in threat categories related to political violence, terrorism . . .” The Pentagon said the group that carried out the attack was linked to al-Qaeda. The Times did not interview the second in command in Libya, Gregory Hicks, who was on the phone with the White House at the time of the attack. When asked about the anti-Islamic video causing the attack, Hicks said he was “stunned . . . and embarrassed” the State Department said that was the reason for the attack.

To me, it looks like a whitewash of a story that deflects the blame that the President and Hillary Clinton should get for this epic failure.

Terrorists struck Russia this week with two separate bomb attacks. More than 30 people were killed and dozens injured. Vladimir Putin has vowed to annihilate the terrorists before the winter Olympics. This just goes to show you how dangerous the world has gotten, and that no country is safe from suicide bombers. The Games are coming up in Sochi, and this is making quite an ominous statement by the terrorists.

Get ready for the bail-ins in Europe. That’s what famed economist Martin Armstrong says. There is a plan to take at least 10% out of all bank accounts over there, and it has the blessing of the International Monetary Fund. Think that cannot happen in the U.S.? The IMF’s head office has a Washington D.C. address. Many guests on USAWatchdog.com say the so-called bail-ins will be coming to America, too.

Yields of 10-year notes are hovering around 3%. They have almost doubled in the past year. Please keep in mind, the 10-year rate has gone up with $85 billion per month of money printing and trillions of dollars in derivatives to try to hold down interest rates. Rising rates are not what the Treasury or the Fed wants, but they still got them. That, too, is an ominous sign. My friend, Gregory Mannarino, predicts that money is going to flee stocks and bonds and go into depressed assets such as gold and silver. Prices of both metals have been depressed since 2011, but a turnaround is coming in 2014, according to Mannarino and others I talk with.

Join Greg Hunter as he gives his analysis to those stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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