Locations and Nature of the Upcoming False Flag Attacks

Tuesday, December 24, 2013
By Paul Martin

Dave Hodges
December 24, 2013

More details are being revealed with regard to the nature of the weather wars false flag attacks coming against America. This is breaking news and new details are still coming out.

In speaking to many of my alternative media colleagues, many of them are surprised at the pace that the country is seemingly on as we race towards what appears now is an inevitable civil war in the US in response to a total martial law plan being planned for as I write these words.

In the decade that I have been covering the nefarious activities of the globalists, there has not been this much chatter about what is coming. Seemingly, another day goes by and more credible sources come forward with similar information which serves to enhance and add to previously released information.

As I attempt to sift through the newly released information, I believe it is important that we keep the core values and goals of the globalists in mind in determining what is fact and what is fiction, what is a primary goal and what is a secondary goal.

Globalist Goals

The first and foremost goal of the globalists is to establish a technocratic, scientific dictatorship over the planet. All representative government in which the people are sovereign must be eliminated. The backbone of the country, the family and its inherent parental authority, must be destroyed. The absolute control over all currency and mediums of exchange must be secured. The movement of people into large megacities (i.e. slave encampments) in which people are forced to live impoverished lives devoid of the technology we enjoy today, will be accomplished and enforced by strict cap and trade policies which favors the elite. Fulfillment of Agenda 21 policies is of paramount importance if the globalists are going to be successful in the pursuit of their goals.

For the globalists, to be successful, the United States must be destroyed, totally destroyed. The destruction must be so devastating, that it will be impossible for any of us to go home again. When this objective is obtained, the surviving Americans will have nowhere to turn but to preplanned living conditions as mandated under Agenda 21 policies.

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