First, You’ve Got To Get Mad! ; Every professional sports league has signed an agreement with DHS to allow their facilities to be used as “housing centers” during times of national emergency

Friday, December 20, 2013
By Paul Martin

Dave Hodges
The Common Sense Show
December 20, 2013

The crux of my next article, following this one, focuses on your chances of surviving in a detention camp and what history teaches about which strategies works best in such an environment. Oh, I know some of you do not believe that perceived dissidents and other undesirables will ever be incarcerated during times of martial law and great civil unrest. You believe so, at your own peril.

Every professional sports league has signed an agreement with DHS to allow their facilities to be used as “housing centers” during times of national emergency. As I have previously documented, the NFL has already practiced for a martial law event in both Denver and New York. Additionally, Simon Properties, the largest owner of malls and strip malls in North America, has signed a similar agreement with DHS.

I believe that, after reading the first three parts of this series, if you are not as mad as hell, then you are brain dead or not paying attention. Despite all the evidence, you just sit there and take it. You men of this country are nothing but sheep. You have allowed a TSA pot bellied pervert to stick their hands down the pants of your child and feel up your wife’s breasts and you just let it happen when you should either refuse to fly or punch out these perverts who should be charged with second degree sexual assault.

Sheep of America, has all the testosterone left your body? Has your backbone disappeared? What the hell is wrong with you so-called men? If you let the TSA feel up your kids today, you will have no problem accepting the day when the state takes them away from you, now will you?

Before I speak of the danger that lies ahead, when many of us are sheepishly herded into detention and extermination camps, we must first rediscover our collective manhood. If we have any chance of surviving what is coming our way, then we must first become aware of what is going on and then we must get as mad as hell. It does, neither you or me, any good to read about the coming dangers if you first aren’t willing to get mad. If you are not willing to get mad, then you will do nothing as you and yours are thrown upon the junk pile of history.

Do You Think the Following Is Just Some Big Joke?
As have I documented, the winds of civil war are blowing across this nation. Obama has fired 200+ command level officers from the military. The military and Obama are engaged in a game of chicken. When, not if, hostilities break out, these detention centers will go live. For those that say that this will never happen, ask yourself why the government is practicing for martial law; ask yourself why the NDAA, Executive Order 13603 and the Civilian Inmate Labor Brigade were passed into law? Why are key globalists actively calling for depopulating humanity by 90%? Is all of this just one great big joke? Do you think they are just kidding or this is some form of mental masturbation? Why won’t more of you pay attention to what they are saying along with what they are doing?

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