Today Duck Dynasty – Tommorrow The Rest of Us?

Thursday, December 19, 2013
By Paul Martin

By Ray Gano

If find all this very interesting and telling of where we are in regards to our nation is today.

Today we exile one of TVs most popular show’s star. Who knows what tomorrow brings…the gas chamber?

” HEY MARGE… here he goes again, getting all tin foil hat on us again.”

Tin foil hat or not, there are people not taking this seriously and many christians are just out and out dismissing it. But when you start peeling back the layers, well this is more nefarious than when you first look at it.

Think for a moment, here is Duck Dynasty, TV’s HIGHEST rating show ever, that means cable and network TV. The money, the advertising, the viewers, the most ever.

And what does A&E do? Sides with the sodomites and dismisses Phil Robertson.

And for what?

He spoke his opinion, which last time I thought was a freedom endowed to us by our Creator. At least that is what the Bill of Rights says.

But who pays attention to that silly ol document anymore anyways?

Obviously not A&E.

Folks, if you are a bible believing Christian you do not need to be dismissing this as some trivial news piece.

This is serious.

The Rest…HERE

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