Liberals Declare Duck Dynasty Christian Views “Hate Speech”

Thursday, December 19, 2013
By Paul Martin

Media goes beyond disagreement in push for chilling effect against free speech

Kit Daniels
December 19, 2013

Political pundits are now flooding the airwaves to not just disagree with Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson but to also declare that he is engaging in “hate speech” – setting a precedent for a future chilling effect on non-establishment viewpoints.

This morning, a panel group on CNN declared that Robertson’s recent comments in GQ magazine was “dangerous hate speech.”

“He has every right to say what he feels about homosexuality and calling it a sin, but to tie it to something like bestiality, which isn’t even true, may be harmful because there are a lot of kids who are gay who are bullied because of comments like this,” CNN anchor Carol Costello said. “Isn’t that dangerous?”

“This man has attacked an entire group of people with horrific defamation,” Huffington Post contributor Michelangelo Signorile said. “There should be ramifications. There should be outrage.”

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