The Invasion Will Come From Within…”The invasion will commence from within and will begin following a series of false flag attacks.”

Wednesday, December 18, 2013
By Paul Martin

Dave Hodges
The Common Sense Show
December 18, 2013

After the coming false flag, where will you go? It is clear that the powers that be will have ready-made facilities for you are you nearby public venue. What is disaster strikes while the kids are in school and you are at work. What if it is an EMP attack and you cannot drive your car? Do you have a meet-up place if disaster strikes in the middle of the day? Do you have a bug out location stocked with supplies? Will you hunker down? Do you have food and water? Do you have a means to protect what you set aside? The next three parts of this series will address these issues.

The invasion will commence from within and will begin following a series of false flag attacks.

An Ominous Sign

Earlier this week, a court ruled that the NSA’s spying on our phone calls was illegal and that Ed Snowden had been vindicated. Most people in the Patriot movement are championing this as a victory. This would be a very naive viewpoint.

Congress and the President are completely under the control of the police state surveillance grid. The Federal government has made absolutely no move to counter the NSA and its highly illegal activities. And now we are supposed to believe that a judge has discovered his Constitutional conscience? Are we to believe that there is a judge that the NSA cannot get to? Is there really a judge who can’t be followed, his family intimidated or bribed? Really?

With the undertaking of any project, there is the informational gathering phase which is followed by the implementation of the action phase. I firmly believe that we are witnessing the implementation of the action phase. The NSA has all they need to create an enemies list. Who is a threat and who can be re-educated is known. Who lives and who will die has been determined by their spy grid matrix. The ruling by this judge is a deception designed to lull America into a further sense of complacency. The NSA already has what they need and the action phase will soon commence..

Is the Third Time Is a Charm?
Some people are having trouble believing that the relationship between Obama and the military is broken. Two hundred is the magic number. When a President fires over 200 senior command officers, there is something very seriously wrong. When 2-5 nukes go missing, there is something very seriously wrong. When a Senator (i.e. Lindsay Graham) announces that he is worried about a nuke going off in his home state, something is seriously wrong.

Obama has been thwarted in taking down the power grid. He has been thwarted in detonating nukes . And now, the tables have been turned, as the military holds 2-5 missing nukes at their disposal. Checkmate!

Will Obama attempt a false flag for the third time?

The military and Obama are embroiled in a game of chicken. Who will blink first? Meanwhile, many writers and talk show hosts are receiving multiple reports of foreign troops being sent to our country. The President has vacated the White House in favor of Hawaii for a long term stay. Given the present climate, I would be nervous if I lived in the Washington DC area.

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