Fleckenstein – The Fed Has Set Markets Up For A Major Crisis

Wednesday, December 18, 2013
By Paul Martin

December 18, 2013

n the aftermath of the stock market soaring on news of the Fed’s $10 billion tapering, today Bill Fleckenstein told King World News that the Fed has now set the markets up for a major crisis. He also discussed what all of this means for world financial markets. Below is what Bill Fleckenstein, who is President of Fleckenstein Capital, had to say in this powerful interview.

Eric King: “Bill, in the aftermath of the Fed tapering, what are your thoughts?

Fleckenstein: “I guess Ben Bernanke wanted to be able to say that he had commenced the winding down of QE before he left the Fed. That is the only reason I can think of why they wanted to start today, especially given the rules they have gone by on previous decision, and given that they didn’t taper in September…..

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