‘Spiral of Rebellion’ Sweeps Italy…(Go Italy!!)

Saturday, December 14, 2013
By Paul Martin

Pitchfork movement organizers vow ‘peaceful invasion’ of Rome until ruling regime steps down

Lauren McCauley
Saturday, December 14, 2013

Marking the sixth day of relentless blockades, occupations and mass demonstrations that many warn may set off “a spiral of rebellion” across Europe, protesters—marching under the banner of the ‘Pitchfork’ movement—gathered Saturday in Rome, Turin and Venice, Italy.

“Activists wearing Italian flag masks and white nooses around their necks rallied outside the European Commission’s office in Rome and took down a European flag outside before being chased off by police,” AFP reports.

According to the report, police violence against protesters persisted across Italy. In Venice, police fired tear gas at protesters outside the city’s train station and in the northern Italy city of Turin—the epicenter of the latest wave of anti-austerity revolt—students paint bombs were met with force.

“There are millions of us and we are growing by the hour,” said Danilo Calvani, a farmer who has emerged as one of the protest leaders. “This government has to go.”

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