Obama Administration Appoints Socialist To Initiate Another Financial Crisis In America

Thursday, December 12, 2013
By Paul Martin

December 12, 2013

On the campaign trail, Barack Obama often explained away his administration’s first term failures as being casualties of the “Great Recession”. That economic troubles were so severe that recovery would take much longer than originally anticipated. It was another manifestation of the “Blame Bush” mantra that both he, and the media, were allowed to parrot over and over again. Well, it now appears Mr. Obama is initiating another housing crisis that could very well crash the economy AGAIN. Makes one wonder if maybe, just maybe, there’s a bit of disappointment inside the Obama White House that the “Great Recession” wasn’t bad enough, and left a little too much free market around. What else can explain what this administration is now doing, once again, under the guise of “helping the little people.”

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