The Psychological Profile of President Obama

Monday, December 9, 2013
By Paul Martin

Dave Hodges
December 9, 2013
The Common Sense Show

In the midst of the series I am writing in which I am detailing the existence of governmental plans to brutally subjugate the people, it dawned upon me that a President can have all the draconian legislation behind him that he needs to carry out a brutal agenda against his people or a segment of his population without having the psychological makeup to do so. This article examines whether Obama has the psychological make-up to carry out such an agenda.

Obama will be president for another three years barring bad health or an impeachment followed by a successful conviction. Therefore, it is prudent to ask a very important question; Does President Obama have the psychological makeup to carry out a heinous agenda against a large segment of the American people? Most Americans will initially scoff at the notion that this President could be judged to be psychologically impaired. What makes we Americans so sure that all of our leaders could take on the traits of a Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao and Hitler? People should remember that many from Hitler’s party were democratically elected and Germany had a constitution prior to the Nazi takeover.

The Preconditions Needed for a Brutal Martial Law Takeover
Dictators invariably emerge on a scene at a time of great conflict. State-sponsored genocides frequently follow coups, civil wars or can become part a national landscape in a declared martial law.

Economic crises often provide a backdrop from which roundups of dissidents are conducted, families are separated, undesirables are executed and genocide can take place. Often, a particular segment of a society is ostracized and used as scapegoat in order to provide a point of unification for a people in crisis in a classic divide and conquer strategy. Further, leaders of a brutal martial law movement grant themselves legal immunity from prosecution by making their heinous actions legal before they occur.

Many of these preconditions are in evidence in modern day America. The American economy is in the worst shape than at any time in our history as it is in near free fall in which the interest payments on the debt exceed our revenue as a nation. Obama, as well as members of his administration, have engaged in the “divide and conquer” strategy of race baiting. Obama’s incessant fanning of the flames of the Trayvon Martin case is an excellent example of a president who is dividing a nation instead of helping heal a nation.

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