Hagel: Attacking Iran Still an Option…(Insane!!)

Saturday, December 7, 2013
By Paul Martin

Delivers Threat 120 Miles Off Iranian Coast

by Jason Ditz
December 06, 2013

Fresh off of his pledge to see the US continue its global military adventurism, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is in the Persian Gulf delivering speeches “reassuring” people of America’s continued military belligerence.

In one such speech, delivered just 120 miles off the coast of Iran, Hagel told troops aboard the USS Ponce that the Untied States had not changed its military position toward Iran and could still attack them at any time.

Hagel went on to claim the administration understands “the dangers that Iran represents,” and termed the P5+1 deal with Iran a “difficult engagement,” and one that needed to be backed by the constant threat of American attack.

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