Nelson “Kill the Whites” Mandela, Friend of HAMAS/PLO, Anti-Israel Racist, Dead; VIDEO: “Kill the Whites”

Friday, December 6, 2013
By Paul Martin

By Debbie Schlussel
December 6, 2013

Only the good die young, as Billy Joel once sang. And so it goes with Nelson Mandela, Marxist leader, racist, Jew-hater, friend of HAMAS and Arafat, who died yesterday at age 95. (I was away at an annual all day film critics’ movie screening put on by the Hollywood studios–more on that in a later post, as I continue to detox from that junk food of the mind.)

We knew this day, when the over-hype-on-steroids regarding the myth that is Mandela was coming. But we underdiagnosed the amount of saccharin-sweet fiction about this man, Mandela, who famously sang, “Kill the Whites.” See the YouTube video below, in which he sings, “Kill the Ama–the Bhulu” (with several of his far-left White supporters). The “Bhulu” are the Whites in the Black South African language known as Xhosa. The Ama Bhulu is the White nation/the Whites in the South.

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