Party On Wall Street! Larry Summers Wants to Charge People for Saving…(Get Out Of The Banks!!)

Monday, December 2, 2013
By Paul Martin
December 02, 2013

At the IMF Research Conference on November 8, 2013, former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers presented a plan to expand the con game. Summers says that it is not enough merely to give the banks interest free money. More should be done for the banks. Instead of being paid interest on their bank deposits, people should be penalized for keeping their money in banks instead of spending it. –

Dominant Social Theme: It is perfectly reasonable to want to remove money from people’s bank accounts for the greater good of a prosperous society.

Free-Market Analysis: This excerpt of an editorial by Paul Craig Roberts shows clearly that our analysis of the long-running public-banking/alternative money promotion was probably correct. From our humble perspective, these monetary cons were created as monetary promotions to provide additional capital when necessary for whatever devious strategies were necessary.

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