Is your bank account under threat? Cybercriminals create one of the most advanced computer viruses ever – and even software won’t protect you

Monday, December 2, 2013
By Paul Martin

Neverquest Trojan is a malicious program that can empty bank accounts
Its makers claim it can attack ‘any bank in any country’
The Trojan has already targeted 28 sites including Fidelity Investments
Neverquest can also use information in accounts to play the stock market
It hides on malicious sites and infects computers to steal login details

2 December 2013

A team of Russian cybercriminals have created a computer virus so sophisticated it can steal the money from any bank account in any country.

Called the Neverquest Trojan, it lies hidden on malicious websites or infected computers and can steal the usernames and passwords for people’s online banking accounts.

Once it has access to these accounts it can empty them completely and is so advanced, security experts are warning that traditional antivirus software isn’t enough to keep users protected.

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