I Can See it Coming When the People Disarm the Lawless Police Who Abuse Thier Authority.

Monday, December 2, 2013
By Paul Martin

December 2, 2013

When will these local Police Chiefs and Elected County Sheriffs better count the cost before they sign an agreement with Homeland security. When there is money from DHS or some other Federal agency. There are strings attached that violate state and Federal laws they are asked to do. This federal grant money serves to federalize local law enforcement as a force multiplier. Our local law enforcement in many areas in America is now paid mercenaries as independent contractors. The beat Cop who is told to carry out illegal orders grab the guns by hook or by crook does not know their local Law Enforcement Agency has abrogated their oaths to the Constitution for thirty pieces of silver from Homeland Security. They no longer have the legal protection because they are fulfilling a contract with DHS. They are no longer cops and now hire guns for a foreign power. (Historically, the founders seen Washington DC as a foreign power at one time.)

Right now the Police are now seen as a threat to the security of the people. They have become lawless taking gun from law abiding when there is no probable cause to take them because the DHS contract. When these Law Enforcement agencies become independent contractors for Homeland Security, the cease to be peace officers under state law become illegal standing armies under letters of Marque. Being mercenaries for Homeland security, they maybe are getting paid by the Federal government. At the same time lost all legal protections and immunities as peace officers because they are breaking state laws. The uniforms, the squad cars, the service pistol they are issued possible can not be used for such operations because it is seen as unofficial use of city or county property. If that is the case, than no one is above the law. The Police have no legal protection under their state laws. Once the people find out, there is nothing in the law preventing these people from exerting their authority necessary to restrain excessive police abuse under illegal Homeland Security direction. It is the right and duty of the people to abolish or alter the government starting at the local level to preserve the public safety. Even if means using coercive or deadly force to secure their liberty and security.

It seems when I look online at the newsreels nation wide. Police abuse is rampant with no accountability or justice for the victims.

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