Is Obama and the Banker Establishment With Thier Puppets in Congress falling from Power?

Saturday, November 23, 2013
By Paul Martin
November 23, 2013

I can say there is no dull moment with Obama’s tenure in office. He is making enemies even on his own side in certain circles. His conduct while President is alienating the people who supported him. Even some of his former useful idiots are stating to have second thoughts. After President Barrack Obama has been given a second term as President for 4 more years He has really shown his true colors being an authoritarian posing a threat to all Americans.

President Obama approval numbers are at an all time low at 37 percent. He tried to send us to war with Syria the American people are opposed to. The roll out of Obamacare has been a disaster. People who have good Health Insurance policies lost their coverage after Obama lied saying they would not lose their healthcare plans. I know people are not signing up for the exchanges on in mass. I know tens of millions of people will not buy over priced health insurance that gives substandard healthcare. If the choice comes between an individual providing for the family or expensive government mandated healthcare with premiums the can exceed their own salary. They will choose the family over Obamacare almost every time.

I sense a major backlash is coming. I do not see the US Military doing his bidding. No matter how many Officers he purges from the Military. The Armed Forces are awake and aware of the oath breaking Obama administration.

I do not see a lot of small local police departments and county Sheriffs going along with Martial law plans. I see the rolling out of Martial law falling apart fast because FEMA and DHS have no teeth of power without the Police and Military support. Many Police after Hurricane Katrina remember how FEMA sabotaged rescue and relief efforts in New Orleans turning away supplies vitally needed and cutting phone lines of the Police agencies to cause more problems. This is one of the reasons why I see the Military and Police fractured about carrying out gun confiscation and rounding up dissidents under the NDAA. Many people in law enforcement know how the feds work and want no part of it.

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