Paul To Obama: “Enough Is Enough, We Want Our Freedoms Back”

Thursday, November 21, 2013
By Paul Martin

“Will we be sunshine patriots, or will we stand up like free men and women?”

Steve Watson
Nov 21, 2013

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has issued a impassioned video address, slamming the surveillance state and demanding that freedom be restored.

“We were once outraged and dismayed and spurred to resist when British soldiers came knocking at our door with illegitimate warrants seeking taxes on our papers.” The Senator notes, citing the American Revolution.
“Today, your government responds that there is no expectation of privacy once you consign your records to a third party.” Paul continues.

“Your government argues that the Fourth Amendment applies not at all to your bank records, your Visa bill, your internet searches or purchases or emails. If not resistance, shouldn’t there at least be outrage?” The Senator urges.

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