Food Bank CEO: Welfare Cuts Causing “Nightmare Ripple Effect”

Thursday, November 7, 2013
By Paul Martin

Val Traore labels cuts a “bilateral disaster”

Paul Joseph Watson
November 7, 2013

As food banks across the country warn that they are unable to meet demand, the CEO of the Food Bank of South Jersey says that the $5 billion welfare cut which came into effect on November 1st is causing a “nightmare ripple effect” for both businesses and hungry citizens.

Val Traore is drawing attention to the “bilateral disaster of food stamp cuts,” noting that they are impacting not just low income residents but also local businesses that accept food stamps.

“You can’t affect the food supply of an estimated 18,000 people as well as the revenue for nearly 1,000 businesses, and not expect a nightmare ripple effect. And what affects local businesses will extend outward to the entire community,” said Traore.

Traore’s sentiments echo those of others who have cautioned that the cut in food stamp benefits is going to cause a demand that many food banks will simply be unable to meet, prompting millions of Americans to go hungry and even setting the stage for domestic unrest.

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