Gerald Celente: I am Taking my Money Out of US Banks If Agreement Not Met By Tuesday

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
By Paul Martin
October 15, 2013

Trends researcher predicts a possible Cyrpus style bank robbery if solution in debt crisis is not met

(INTELLIHUB) — In an interview this week on the Roy Green show, Gerald Celente talked about the recent debt crisis and the government shut down propaganda campaign.

5 minutes into the interview, Celente talks about the possibility of a Cyrpus style bank robbery in America to “solve” the current debt crisis.

For many years Gerald Celente has made many exceptionally accurate predictions in regards to economics and government policy.

In the following video Gerald talks about the U.S. government shutdown, international bankers warning about “terrible” consequences of any U.S. default and what Gerald writes in Trends Journal, “lies, damn lies and government lies.”

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