Cognitive Dissonance to be Replaced With Fear and Anger

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
By Paul Martin

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

How do they do it? If everything is ‘so bad’, how does the ‘system’ appear to be holding together? In a nutshell, the answer to this question is ‘life is still good’ for most, although these numbers are dwindling rapidly as process unfolds. Even for those where life is not so good, again, most are still eating and have a roof over their heads, but again here, these numbers are dwindling a well. So, it’s important to understand the upshot of all this is with the exception of the top 1% people’s economies are in decline, and this deterioration is accelerating as late cycle characteristics / consequences of a mature fiat currency economy(s) take hold. Therein, US government debt held by the pubic is up some 90% since just 2009, and if Obamacare is rammed through, the rate at which this debt is shoved down America’s throat it will accelerate higher yet again. (i.e. accelerated public debt financing will be required to fund Obamacare on top of the fact it’s the biggest nominal tax grab in history.)

Von Misses termed accelerating inflation moving into hyper-shift as a ‘crack up boom’, which eventually becomes noticeable by the populous in spite of their best efforts to ignore (denial) outsized purchasing power declines. And again, increasingly, as process unfolds, cognitive dissonance is replaced with replaced with fear, anger (think 5 stages of loss), and frustration (especially those under 30), where exponentially growing numbers will become unable to keep pace with rising costs and are essentially priced out of existence. Because there’s nothing like increasing hunger to wake the complacent, where once awakened, people tend to be at least a little cranky. People have put all their faith in government these days, and once this trust is shattered, with an extended government shutdown the possible trigger in this respect, things could spiral out of control for not just an overly complacent public, for the ‘powers that be’ as well.

Because the people tasked with making everything look ‘just fine’ have been using up every trick in the book to pull off this farce, and this will literally be impossible to keep up much longer no matter what intensified trickery these nut bars come to with moving forward. They have already taken things to the limit in this regard; with the net result being you have unknowingly been committed to the suicide mission they are unwittingly imposing on collective society in a drunken stupor of avarice for power and money. Certainly present shenanigans concerning the debt ceiling and the rest of governments confusing mess (the present intensifying embroil) is our current example of this.

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