Americans Ready for Violent Revolution Ignited by Constant Police Brutality and Corrupt Judges

Saturday, October 12, 2013
By Paul Martin

By Joseph Zrnchik for 5th Estate Media
Saturday, October 12, 2013

When Will True Patriots Begin To Wage War Against a Corrupt US Government?

I have pondered at great measure what would be the line in the sand that our government should not be allowed to cross, and after having crossed it would be justification for waging war, either covert or overt, against it.

We see increasingly horrible instances of tyranny that include draconian sentencing, torture and even assassination by our government. The government claims the legal right to commit every specie of crime, tyranny and oppression and offers as justification the famous Nixon line that says “If your President (government) does it, its not against the law.” Government also allows its partisans, in the form of various and numerous corporate entities such as banks and security firms, defense contractors, pharmaceutical companies, oil corporations and many other favored government partisans of every variety, to engage in private tyrannies against Americans without redress under law. Consider how government legalized theft and fraud by financial corporations or the slaughter by Blackwater and cyber-attacks conspired by HB Gary.

I finally decided that, because the government is increasingly becoming our enemy, Americans owe it no more reverence than we do any foreign government that has made itself the enemy of the American people and their liberty. In fact, we owe it less leniency because as a domestic enemy of the Constitution it is an enemy that has made its way into our land and homes and is therefore an even greater threat as it disguises its tyranny and criminal rackets under the color of law. Moreover, we have believed our government’s lies and have been placed in a position in which, due to the government claiming the power as the final arbiter with a corresponding monopoly on the use of violence over the people and land in which we reside, foolishly believed that in exchange for these powers granted the government it would guarantee justice. Yet, government sophistry justifies tyranny as being law, albeit a law devoid of any justice. The government first robbed us of justice and then every protection on our rights, liberties and wealth fell to them and their criminal state.

So, even though our government has become a greater enemy due to the insidious position it has obtained through lies and subterfuge by using Americans’ misplaced trust, I will still grant it the same consideration I would grant the government of a foreign enemy. This consideration is granted at great risk because government that has become a domestic enemy to the people can and will betray, lie, confuse, bribe, torture, indoctrinate and punish those who would otherwise be friends of forces fighting a foreign enemy in the cause of liberty. In short, out government has betrayed us. Those who would side with the government’s lies are either part of the racket or weak-minded. One need only research what measures the government has undertaken to oppress the people to discern its intent. Those in power want people to serve the state as opposed to the American tradition of the state serving the people.

The consideration I will grant our government will be to first review what justifications would be needed to engage in and wage a just war against it. For this I will refer to the tenets of the Catholic Church with its Just War Doctrine. It has been an axiom that a government which resists and makes impossible peaceful change in a peoples’ pursuit for liberty and justice, makes violent change necessary. After reviewing the Just War Doctrine I believe one will be a better position to decide if our government has made violent revolution justifiable, necessary and the final resort.

The Principles of Just War provide:

Principles of the Just War

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