It Looks Like The Government Shutdown Is Going To Go On For A Long Time, And Now We’re About To Feel It

Thursday, October 10, 2013
By Paul Martin

Oct 10, 2013

It looks like the House of Representatives may pass a short-term extension of the debt ceiling but not address the ongoing government shutdown. This might mean a perverse outcome — a government shutdown that lasts longer because the prospect of a payments crisis is delayed.

And that means that the negative effects of a government shutdown are likely to build. A lot of government agencies have an ability to paper over a short-term shutdown — for example, by relying on extra funds they had left over from the previous year.

The longer the shutdown goes, the less workable that approach will be. Here are a few ways in which the shutdown will keep getting worse if it goes on for several more weeks.

Federal courts. So far they have stayed open during the shutdown, essentially by searching under the couch cushions for money. Federal courts have announced that they can stay open until Oct. 17 or 18 by using a combination of fee-income and previous appropriations not tied to a specific fiscal year. After that, they’ll have to close, stalling any federal trials.

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