Former US Treasury Official – President To Seize Total Power

Tuesday, October 8, 2013
By Paul Martin
October 8, 2013

Today a former US Treasury Official warned King World News that the President of the United States will declare a “National Catastrophe,” and seize total power, much like a Caesar would, if it is deemed necessary to avoid a disastrous US default and subsequent collapse. He also spoke about other drastic emergency measures which would also be implemented in order to avoid a US default. Below is what Dr. Paul Craig Roberts had to say.

Eric King: “Dr. Roberts, is there any chance of the US defaulting here?”

Dr. Roberts: “No. If the United States were to default, it would be the end of the US as a superpower. No one in Washington wants to lose that kind of power, so I fully expect that at the last minute a deal will be reached. Now, in the event that both sides play a game of ‘chicken’ to the very end, and we are down to the last hours, and fears of a default escalate dramatically, I think one of two things will happen….

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