Why Do They Keep Calling It Obamacare?

Saturday, October 5, 2013
By Paul Martin

Servando Gonzalez
Saturday, October 5, 2013

Professional disinformers of both the Republican and the Democratic factions of the Repucratic party[1] have joined forces once more to brainwash us about a new aberration they call Obamacare. But Obamacare is nothing but a reincarnation of a corpse called Hillarycare, which died of natural causes in 1993. And Hillarycare is actually the reincarnation of a mummy called Rockefellercare.

Yes, Obamacare, like all the rest of the aberrations created to make our lives miserable, is a Rockefeller baby!

Now, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to conclude that, given the fact that Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Hussein Obama) is a creation of the Rockefellers, all of his “brilliant” ideas — ranging from the so-called Affordable Care Act to the war against Syria — have been concocted at the Harold Pratt House in Manhattan, headquarters of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). If you already don’t know, the CFR is an organization where a group of traitors — Wall Street banksters, oil magnates, CEOs of transnational corporations, politicians and a few high ranking members of the US military — conspire every day behind our backs planning the most efficient way to kill no less that 85 percent of the world’s population and reduce the survivors to pre-industrial levels of consumption. They call this aberration the New World Order.

You may have heard about it, because once he moved to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, George H. W. Bush repeated it over and over every time he opened his mouth like a circus parrot, to the delight of his “conservative” Republican followers. Actually, however, despite the claims of the disinformers of both the right and the left, the New World Order is not new at all. It is a return to the dark Middle Ages, with just two social classes: the super rich and powerful masters comprising less than 1 percent of the population — guys like the Rockefellers, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, the Bushes, the Clintons— and the super-poor serfs comprising the remaining 99 percent —that is, people like you and me. If you want to know what these guys have in mind, just watch the film The Hunger Games and you’ll get a pretty good idea.[2]

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