Alert: Dollar On The Ropes-V-S LATEST

Thursday, September 19, 2013
By Paul Martin
Sep 19, 2013

Picture if you would a beaten and bruised individual who has been running from a mob. This individual is now cornered and unlike a cornered animal there is simply no more fight left in him. The mob of murderers converge on the individual, brandish their knives and proceed to kill the poor sucker. This folks is the orchestrated long term plan of killing the dollar. When the FED announced that they will NOT taper, the house of fools known as the NYSE flew to new heights. Idiots around the world started partying singing good times are here again. The insiders were all calling for an initial TAPER in September to coincide with the start of major regional war due to the Syria debacle that I have detailed in prior articles. I myself believed that they would taper, but due to the Syrian chemical attack ruse that has backfired on the globalist, this latest sign of no tapering is the epitaph of the plan of the slow bleed.

Folks the alternative media has slowed down and pushed back considerably what the globalists were planning. YOUR WELCOME. It seems like I have highlighted in past radio shows that it is indeed the Fabian Socialists arm of the Old World Order that has won the day. This gives us a little more time as the October time frame has now been pushed back. I believe long term five years and two years for short term. Unless of course something UNFORESEEN happens, a black swan event that no one could have predicted.

So what does the slow bleed look like? Imminent dollar death followed by years of stagflation. With the no taper call and printing to oblivion the only strategy these miscreants know they have LOCKED the dollar into a corner. Rising interest rates and pressure from the derivative market, as well as the hated international image of the US will cause a coming bond dump that will be Hiroshima like in financial terms. Folks this is the final phase we are now accelerating on the road to poverty. This is the clarion call to get out of the dollar and to get out Now.

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