Syria will be the Waco of the Middle East

Wednesday, September 4, 2013
By Paul Martin

By Douglas J. Hagmann
3 September 2013

Events are now moving rapidly to accomplish the next step in the agenda of the globalists that will lead us into the unimaginable horrors of World War III. With each passing day, each passing hour, the curtain is being lifted a little more to expose the true agenda of the psychopaths and sociopaths who are leading the charge of war in our name, with our money and despite our apparent collective reluctance illustrated by a recent poll about intervention in Syria, our tacit approval for what is about to take place. Syria is about to become the international version of Waco, for it is the same lie that is being used now as it was then: “It’s for the children.” We know all too well how the children of Waco fared. It’s not about the children, and never was. If anything, it’s in spite of the children.

Showtime in Syria

If you understand exactly what happened at Waco at the Branch Dividian compound, that is the truth rather than the official government and media account, then you will understand that we are on the verge of an international “Waco moment.” The template of terror and tyranny has not changed, but has been expanded and exported. Just as the standoff at Waco began with an ATF operation codenamed “Showtime,” the Syria “standoff” began with the decision to overthrow Assad by arming and training al Qaeda linked terrorists using weapons and arms confiscated from Libya.

The parallels of thought and action between Waco and Syria are eerily similar. The federal government cited deteriorating conditions inside the compound, conditions that they unnecessarily created. It was 51 days when the masterminds of the siege decided that they had to act “for the children.” They used paramilitary and military vehicles to pump CS gas into the compound, which resulted in a conflagration that killed 76 men, women and children. The conflagration was blamed on the actions of the people inside the compound, a claim that remains virtually unchallenged.

Like the situation in Waco, the U.S., under the spell of the globalists, is rapidly pushing Syria from “Showtime” to conflagration, as our leaders are calling for action in retaliation for the gassing of those in Syria. The official narrative that nearly all government leaders are parroting is that Assad is the culprit for the use of chemical weapons, despite the weight of evidence telling a completely different story. Yet the full court press is on, and only the naive or the complicit are buying these claims.

Like Waco, the actions of our government to ostensibly save the children will cause their deaths. Again, it’s really not for the children, but in spite of them, which makes their lies more contemptible and their unchecked actions more abhorrent.

Pelosi, a shameless sociopath

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