Senate Foreign Relations Committee May Delay Syria Vote, As Republican Corker Gets Cold Feet Next

Wednesday, September 4, 2013
By Paul Martin

by Tyler Durden

Late last night news broke that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee had proposed a resolution for US involvement in Syria which among other things, would limit Obama’s Syrian military strike – whose “clinical” purpose and intentions are still very much unclear – to 90 days. As reported earlier, Republican war hawk John McCain said he would not support the resolution, arguably because he hopes to see a wider, more spread out campaign, one which would certainly infuriate Russia and China. Or a simpler reason: the usual bipartisan breakdown in Congress strikes again. Moments ago, yet another republican who previously said he was for Obama’s campaign following Boehner’s support, the committee’s top republican Bob Corker got cold feet, and as Politico reports, may delay if not scuttle the Senatorial vote altogether.

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