Friday, August 30, 2013
By Paul Martin

by Michael Thomas
August 30th, 2013

The timing of President Obama’s recent proclamation that he possesses conclusive evidence that the Syrian Government is directly responsible for the recent chemical attack on the Sryian opposition is no accident.

Here’s why.

The following reasons for the US-UK-France threats to launch unlawful ‘punitive’ airstrikes against the Syrian military are self evident. As follows:

1) Every Syrian military target has been chosen with the explicit intention of degrading select Syrian military assets so as to slow down their successful ground war against the rebel opposition. The Syrian military has been enjoying remarkable success of late and the Western powers could no longer sit idle on the sidelines. The rebels’ only hope for a reversal was to receive direct military intervention from the West.

2) The US was chosen to issue the threats using Obama as the megaphone, even in the absence of the official UN chemical weapons report, because only the US political process has been so manipulated (by you know who?) to permit such a war crime to be committed in broad daylight. As the UK Parliament has well demonstrated, the British can no longer be bamboozled into another illegal war based on false accusations. The British people know that they were lied to in the run-up to the Iraq war, and they now know that it was the West which colluded with the Syrian rebels to frame the Assad Administration for the alleged chemical weapon war crime.

3) Obama himself knew that he was being set up to lay down the red line that would not be crossed without consequence for the Syrian Government. He is simply playing the role of war criminal by launching a premeditated attack on a sovereign nation without a Congressional declaration of war. To commit such an unprovoked act of war based on a deliberate false flag operation coordinated by the US et al. makes his conduct as Commander-in-Chief all the more complicit.

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