On the Verge of Collapse

Sunday, August 25, 2013
By Paul Martin

The following is a review of signs that western political systems are barely hanging on

By Sergey Baranov
August 23, 2013

When was the last time you have heard on the news about police officers who have saved a woman from being raped, a child from being kidnapped or an elderly person from being robbed? All I’m hearing on the news is how the swat teams is breaking to the wrong houses, [1] or how police unlawfully entering private properties and disturbing the peace of the people at music and art festivals, while arresting nonviolent people who are peacefully exercising their constitutional and human right of pursuing their happiness by exploring their consciousness and creative potential.[2]

I can speak to it personally since I spent years going to this type of events in my early 20th. And I never saw any act of violence during those festivals other than that which was occasionally brought by the police force invading the parties.

I always felt uplifting during and after those events while meeting new like-minded people who were just like me at the time, searching for their hearts. Of course, there wasn’t much wisdom flowing between the trees in the forest , but there was an ambient environment in which I could relax more and reflect on my life while watching the night sky, time to time glimpsing on the happy, dancing people.

That wasn’t a spiritual adventure per se, and yet, it served its purpose. There would not be an end to this article if I were to address all the incidents of police brutality which is seen everywhere in America these days. Excessive force and extreme violence by the cops is flooding YouTube.

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