What Time Is the Invasion?…”DHS and FEMA Are Preparing for War”

Saturday, August 24, 2013
By Paul Martin

Dave Hodges
August 24, 2013

I have never taken as much ridicule over a topic as I have over my reporting of the presence of Russian soldiers on American soil under some very suspicious circumstances which I published last September/October. Conversely, I have never received so many tips from insider sources and average people who have just happened to have seen something related to the presence of Russian troops on American soil.

Because of the controversy, followed by the chastisement and the possible danger of reporting on this topic, this would be a very easy subject for me to back away from. However, since I first published my concerns over Russian troops on American soil, coupled with our apparent military stand down in places like Alaska, my contention that the Russians are soon going to be playing a major role in the subjugation of this country, has grown exponentially.

Where Is This Headed?
In my last article, I detailed how the Federal government is attempting to terrorize the American people with open admissions of in-your-face-tyranny against the American people which are designed to induce fear and a sense of helplessness in this country. Even the local police are becoming an extension of Federal tyranny since most departments have become federalized under DHS and are beginning to act with extreme prejudice and brutality in dealing with the public.

At the end of my last article I asked the question about what we had to be afraid of. What we have to be afraid of is that we are fast reaching the end game. The globalists are making their move and the chess pieces are being lined up and have been positioned on the board.

DHS and FEMA Are Preparing for War

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