The Destruction of Damascus Draws Nigh: U.S. War Ships En-Route for Possible Cruise Missile Attack on Syria Following False Flag Event and What It Means

Saturday, August 24, 2013
By Paul Martin

By: Brandon T. Ward
Sunday, August 25, 2013

The United States military is now positioning its Navel Forces at Syrian shores in an escalation that could bring missile strikes upon Syrian forces. Before we dig into that, let us look at what is currently unfolding in order to have a better understanding of what is really taking place…

The entire “Syrian Crisis” has been fabricated from day one. It is widely known the West is funding and supporting the rebel cause. NATO has publicly stated, 70% of Syrians support President Assad. So we know this crisis is fabricated. The latest event to unfold was the claim that Assad’s forces used chemical weapons against his own people which killed an estimate of a hundred to over one-thousand people. I have asked, where are the photos? We have only seen photos with a few bodies. A commenter pointed out in, The Damascus Deception: Video of Chemical Attack Posted the Day Before “Massacre”, “If it was nerve gas, then why is there no fecal matter or urine or foaming at the mouth? Why aren’t the bodies all contorted? These photos are all lies. definitely FALSE FLAG!!!!!!!!”

The link above documents the videos we have seen of this “attack” were recorded and posted a day before the actual attack took place. Meaning, this attack is a false flag event. If hundreds or even a thousand people were killed there would be more evidence to support those claims. Speaking of evidence, none exists that links Assad’s forces to this “attack.”

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