Meltdown Coming?! 08/23/2013

Friday, August 23, 2013
By Paul Martin

Our estimates of prospective risk are surging…

“At present, we have what might best be characterized as a broken speculative peak, in that market internals (particularly interest-sensitive groups), breadth and leadership have broken down uniformly following an extreme overvalued, overbought, overbullish syndrome.

“If you recall, the market also recovered to new highs in October 2007, weeks after the initial, decisive break in market internals at that time. Presently, we’re looking at the same set of circumstances. On some event related to tapering or the Fed Chair nomination, we may even see another push higher. It isn’t simply short-term risk, but deep cyclical risk that is of concern.”

John Hussman, Hussman Fund

There is increasing evidence that another Financial and Economic Meltdown is coming and that it will be worse than the one in 2008-2009. And even respected Financial Establishment Figures like John Hussman are beginning to go public with their concerns.

Indeed, perhaps The Main Indicator – The Greatest Bubble Asset – that a Great Meltdown is coming is already signaling it is launching.

Specifically, Savvy Investors, large and small, around the world, are already rushing to get out of the Greatest Bubble Asset ahead of the Bursting to Protect their Wealth. And those so-inclined are betting on the Bursting in order to Profit; thus Deepcaster’s recent Investment Recommendations have been made in anticipation of the likelihood of such a Meltdown.

But this impending Bubble Bursting is beginning to have a concatenating Ripple Effect throughout other major Markets. And eventually, sooner rather than later, the effect on virtually all markets, economies, and indeed, governments will be profound. Jim Willie explains what to expect.

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