Guerrilla Stats the Real Picture of the Mess in the US.8/23/13

Friday, August 23, 2013
By Paul Martin
Aug 23, 2013

Another wild ride as the NASDAQ shutdown was nothing but a dry run, a test of the fail safes in preparation for the the REAL thing. One thing that I want all of you to understand is how cancer riddled our economic health really is. Many of you have heard of the fantastic statistician John Williams over at whose information I use. I will give you now my version, Guerrilla Stats, It is said that we are currently (due to economic decline) have an $15.68 trillion dollar economy. Lets round that up to $16 trillion shall we? The reality is that we are nothing of the sort.

1. We stopped using real measures of GDP back during the Carter administration, so no more GAAP (General Accepted Accounting Principles.) Inflation in food and fuel was taken out of the picture.

2. We began to count Government spending as GDP growth…Yes I know this sounds like insanity to many of you. Waste dressed as GDP!!!

3. The white washed sheep dipped deficit numbers that the Government puts out to lull the masses is in reality $7 Trillion NOT $1.3 Trillion (keep this in mind) Yes you read that correctly using GAAP the deficit is $7 trillion.

So in other words a little over 42% of our GDP is government junk not REAL economic activity. 70% of government spending goes to those dependent on government and it’s subsidies/handouts.

4. We run a $540 billion trade deficit, $300 billion to the Chinese alone. ( keep this number in mind)

So without much more laborious and boring detail let me paint the picture. So you take a $16 trillion dollars you calculate that 42% of this fraudulent number is government spending ($6.72 trillion). That leaves you $9.28 trillion real GDP

Now take $9.28 and minus $540 billion for trade deficits leaves you with $8.74 trillion GDP

Now take $8.74 and subtract that number by the REAL (GAAP) $7 trillion year over year deficit. That leaves you with $740 Billion GDP and I have not even added all the unfunded liabilities of Social Security, Medicare and future Federal employee benefits which total $86 Trillion!!!!!

So do you feel any richer Americans? Do you? Do you still believe that this nation is “Exceptional” or a complete fabricated hoax of a society who borrowed today on tomorrow’s money. A $740 Billion joke of accounting aberrations against China’s REAL $9 Trillion GDP. American’s whose debt to income is now 150% vs the Chinese who are sitting very comfortably at 17%. We have become nothing but a bunch of Kool-Aid drinking blow hards with big egos and no substance.

In the Book “Sacred Hunger” Barry Unsworth wrote this profound line that I believe clearly illustrates the view that banksters have to the rest of humanity.
“Money is sacred as everyone knows… So then must be the hunger for it and the means we use to obtain it. Once a man is in debt he becomes a flesh and blood form of money, a walking investment. You can do what you like with him, you can work him to death or you can sell him. This cannot be called cruelty or greed because we are seeking only to recover our investment and that is a sacred duty.” Hence as I have been saying for some time now… You are the collateral, the walking breathing form of legal tender, someone else’s debt obligation and that someone else is a government that spends like a drunken sailor and now the creditors are getting ready to collect.

Be Prepared!


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