IRS Targeting Sweeping the Nation

Wednesday, August 21, 2013
By Paul Martin

Marty Biancuzzo
Tue, Aug 20th, 2013

For decades, the IRS has overbearingly chased down every penny owed by average citizens and small businesses. Yet at the same time, it turns a blind eye to major corporations who are bleeding the loophole system dry.

If you file incorrectly and pay too little… you’re audited.

If you file incorrectly and overpay (which millions of Americans do each year)… you’re none the wiser. You’ll never receive a letter from the IRS, saying, “You’ve paid too much! Contact us now for your money back!” Not in a million years.

But there’s a simple reason why so many Americans file incorrectly…

The system is insanely complicated.

When all rules and regulations are added up, the written U.S. tax code is just shy of four million words!
In fact, it’s so thick and complicated that individuals and businesses spend more than six billion hours per year trying to comply with filing requirements.

That’s sick. But here’s something sicker…

It just became even more complicated – and with even more unfair targeting…

A Letter You Never Want to Receive

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