You Can Call Me a Doomer, You Can Call Me Whatever You’d Like

Tuesday, August 20, 2013
By Paul Martin

Mac Slavo
August 20th, 2013

If you follow alternative news and share or discuss it with your friends, family and acquaintances, there is a strong possibility that you’ve been treated to rolling eyes, laughter and total disbelief.

Many of us have, for years, warned those closest to us about the over reach of government, the expansion of the surveillance state, globalization, and economic unsustainability. In the majority of instances, our diatribes, citations and impassioned arguments have likely fallen on deaf ears.

You’ve probably been called a doomer, conspiracy theorist or worse on numerous occasions.

Are you crazy?

Or is it possible that the majority of people in this country, even many of our loved ones, have become so enthralled with the paradigms of consumerism, government dependence and apathy that they are purposefully being ignorant of what’s happening around them in an attempt to remove themselves from reality?

The team at leading alternative news hub, which includes Rory, Peter and Sean, recently discussed this very phenomenon.

(Video below)

You can call me a Doomer, you can call me whatever you’d like. It really doesn’t matter. When I read a story… these are facts… how can you say that I’m a doomer? I’m just looking at reality.

This is unsustainable.

That is the reality. That’s not being a doomer to address that reality.

It’s being an informed, concerned citizen in a Republic that is quickly deteriorating and being an informed, educated citizen who realizes he, she, all of us must take some steps in an effort to protect our families for what is clearly coming.

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