Wake up, Grow up, and Stand up

Monday, August 19, 2013
By Paul Martin

AUGUST 19, 2013

Those who are asleep to the events transpiring around us are not physically, emotionally, or spiritually prepared for what is coming.
I know you are busy. The 9 to 5 grind is tough. Staying married is tough. Raising kids is tough. Making a living in this economy is tough. Sometimes life gets tough and sometimes bad stuff happens. When it does we have to deal with it. Now is one of the times. If you keep waiting for a moment of clarity before you shift gears and take appropriate action, it is going to be too late to take meaningful actions that you can feel good about. Let this post be your moment of clarity.

Your purchasing power is declining even if you have managed to keep a job and to get raises, and the pace is accelerating.
The currency you earn, get paid with, spend with, and save with is changing dramatically. If you keep focusing solely on your job, your mortgage or rent, protecting your retirement nest egg, and/or hanging in their until your pension or social security kicks in, then one day soon you are going to be standing in line hoping for hand-outs.

Tyranny is at our doorstep.
For once, Conservatives, Liberals, and even Libertarians agree that the Federal Government is out of control and is spying on its own citizens on an unprecedented scale. The level of corruption and manipulation in DC has reached ridiculous levels where they have stopped even pretending to be honest and are openly demonizing those who tell the truth about their illegal actions. The truth of the matter is that our banking system and our current government are headed for collapse. The levers of power (media, military, money printing) are in the hands of wicked people who have sought them out and who are intent on abusing that power. The bankers admit that their goal is to implement a new world order with a global currency and a global transaction tax. The military industrial complex is now running the government of the US and has the power to identify, incarcerate, and kill anyone who they think is a meaningful threat to their plans.

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