The Destruction Of America’s Middle Class (In Under Seven Minutes)

Sunday, August 18, 2013
By Paul Martin

by Tyler Durden

While hardly news to frequent visitors, especially those who recall the following list, anyone who needs a 7 minute refresher into why the US middle class is on collision course with extinction is urged to watch the following brief video which highlights all the salient facts such as:

76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck
27% of American have no savings at all
46% of Americans have less than $800 in savings
The conversion of America into a part-time working society and the country’s second largest employer – a temp agency.
The college trap and the student loan bubble
And of course, foodstamps, foodstamps, foodstamps and the nearly 50 million poverty-level Americans who need them to survive

Why seven minutes? Because everyone knows that just like you can’t get “six minute abs”, so it is impossible to recap the doom of America’s middle class in only six minutes (or, gasp, less).

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