US Global Terror Alert… And Commander-in-Chief Obama Hits the Beach, Golf Course and Bookstore

Wednesday, August 14, 2013
By Paul Martin

President Obama in the war bunker fighting global terrorism? Come off it! More like the War-Criminal-in-Chief is vexed at being stuck in a sand bunker at the 18the hole – delayed for dinner and drinks with Michelle and pals.

by Finian Cunningham
Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Last week, Washington issues a global terror alert, shutting down 20 of its embassies and consular sites across Africa and Asia. Staff were evacuated from some sites and flown to the safer destination of Germany; US citizens were put on a general global travel warning; while US President Barack Obama and lawmakers in Washington said they were briefed with intelligence showing the risk of an imminent terror attack at its greatest peak in 13 years since 9/11.

This week, as quick as a weathervane, the mood has swiveled diametrically. The embassies are open again and Commander-in-Chief Obama is enjoying a family holiday on the affluent Massachusetts resort island of Martha’s Vineyard, playing rounds of golf, hitting the beach and “hanging out” with friends…

Over the next seven days, Obama is renting a $7.8-million estate in Chilmark on the west of the “idyllic” island that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, where his celebrity neighbors include actor Ted Danson and singer Carly Simon. The six-bedroom house, owned by Chicago businessman friend, David Schulte, is situated near the public South Road, which has necessitated the US secret services shutting off access temporarily for when the president and family are going out on daily excursions.

It is even reported that the Obama family dog, Bo, has been specially airlifted in for the fun vacation, presumably to keep daughters Sasha and Malia happy, and the president has had his own personal collection of basketballs dispatched as well so he can shoot some hoops. It is also speculated that Obama will drop into the landmark Bunch of Grapes bookstore to pick up some leisure reading.

Here is how the local Vineyard Gazette described Obama “teeing off” his holiday this week: “The president took advantage of the clear blue skies Sunday by heading to Farm Neck Golf Club in Oak Bluffs at around noon on Sunday. His foursome included aide Marvin Nicholson, former UBS chairman Robert Wolf and White House chef Sam Kass. The president wore a white shirt, khaki shorts and white baseball hat. As he chipped the ball up the green, he overshot by about 15 feet, and his first putt was a miss as well.”

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