Unemployment Down, FED Ready To Taper, Economic Collapse Avoided? Everything Is Being Prepped To Pull The Big One Over On The American People Come This Fall!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013
By Paul Martin

August 13th, 2013

Unemployment is down, there is talk of the FED tapering, the terror threat is still going on but in the shadow of the middle east. All economic indicators are pointing to the economy getting ready to make a full recovery. The President is out on the campaign trail selling Obamacare, selling the housing market, pretending to nothing about the NSA spying on people. In the meantime more rights, liberties are being taken away. Everything is being prepped to pull the big one over on the American people come this fall

Bill Fleckenstein: Too-easy money makes market too risky; The liquidity-fueled rally of the past 9 months is easy to like. But recent history tells us higher prices based on easy money carry extreme dangers, so a violent drop could lie ahead.

There is not much one can say to make sense out of the maniacal rise we have seen in the stock market since last fall, other than to note that the third and fourth rounds of bond buying by our Federal Reserve (aka QE3 and QE4) have boosted stock prices 20 to 25%.

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