The Soap Box, The Ballot Box and the Ammo Box

Tuesday, August 13, 2013
By Paul Martin
Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What if your vote wasn’t counted? What if no one’s vote was counted? Would that be enough to justify a counter-revolution?

What if you were only allowed to vote for one candidate? Would you consider that a fair election and a representative government?

What if you were allowed to vote for one of two candidates, but they both supported the same government policies? Would you consider that a real choice? Certainly you have a choice between two people, but you have no choice in policy since they are both the same. Is that a representative government?

What if both candidates supported deficit spending, foreign wars, government healthcare, NSA spying on American citizens, abolition of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution? What if both candidates supported increased immigration, open borders and a North American Union that erased national boundaries? What if both candidates supported NAFTA, CAFTA, off-shoring, and other policies that were destructive of American jobs, middle class, and economic freedom? All of these policies are and were supported by both political parties in the United States. Did the American people have a choice in these policies?

What if the American people were mislead by controlled propaganda that lied to them and convinced them that these polices were in their best interest? What if the American people had information withheld by a media network owned by a few select people that want to erase national boundaries to ease the shipment of goods around the world and lower wages in order to completely dominate all trade worldwide? Is that capitalism? Or is it just one giant monopoly on all information and all goods and services? Is information freedom a necessary component of a representative government? If it is, why are both parties so determined to gain absolute control of the internet and alternative media?

If the American people no longer have a representative government, can you say that they are a free people?

Americans often express the ideal of freedom with sayings like, “Freedom is not free,” but then live like it is. How many Americans actually fight for their freedoms? And if they try do so within the system, a system that is admittedly not representative of the people and doesn’t allow real choice, are they not actually lending credibility to a deceptive and tyrannical government?

America was founded by men that put up their own lives and fortunes to secure freedom for themselves and their posterity, by organizing citizen militias to fight the biggest world power of their time. This required that they pick up their rifles, go out and practice and train together as military units. At this point, they quit working “within the system” and broke out of the matrix.

That is a fearful thing.

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