Criminalizing the First Amendment On Behalf of Illegal Aliens

Tuesday, August 13, 2013
By Paul Martin

Dave Hodges
August 12, 2013

Seattle city government is immediately banning certain words which are very common to the American lexicon. The source of ban came from an internal memo suggesting that “government workers no longer use terms like “citizen”, or ‘brown bag.”

PC Speech
Seattle’s Office for Civil Rights describes the aforementioned terms as terms as “potentially offensive” and therefore other language should be used to describe “brown bag” lunches and “citizen” rights. It is not clear on how Seattle’s Office of Civil Rights decided that such terms were “offensive.” Further, it is not clear how the ban on the language will be enforced. Will workers be fired or thrown in jail?

It is very kind of Elliott Bronstein, from the Office for Civil Rights, to tell us what words are appropriate to use. Bronstein suggests that the word “citizens” be replaced with the word “residents.” It is crystal clear that Bronstein is trying to disguise that fact that someone might actuallybe illegally living in the United States. Bronstein said that the term “brown bag” could actually be referring to one’s skin color in obvious reference to Latinos.
But don’t despair, Bronstein has an alternative. Rather than calling one’s impromptu sack lunch as brown bag, they could refer to it as “lunch and learn,” or “sack lunch.”

An Office of Civil Rights? Really?
Can anyone explain to me, why in the world would a city need an office for civil rights? Secondly, how can the good people of Seattle justify spending funds for this abject nonsense? The Seattle Office of Civil Rights has stated that the city serves all of the residents, not just the ones who are in the city/country legally.

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