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Monday, August 12, 2013
By Paul Martin

Aug 12, 2013

I would have never thought that I would live in a world where the most insane economic news would have caused investors to run for the hills twenty years ago but today it does not even cause them to flinch. Forget TEPCO’s pump and dump on a blown reactor in Fukishima, the master of the pump and dump Bernanke has decided that he has hit all the nails he can and now it is time to ride off into the sunset and let his replacement deal with the collapse, subjugation and integration of the American Economy.

Folks there is talk about China defaults, China credit crisis, Chinese citizens leaving the mainland in flight because of an inevitable crash of their economy. I tell you that this latest string of news is pure and complete Anglo-American banking bovine excrement of the finest caliber. Yes the numbers in China currently do not look good but it is a massive distraction from the numbers that the Banksters do NOT want you to see in the US. China is a kid in the ER with flue. We are the terminal cancer patient in the hospice with doctors deciding how to pillage the remaining insurance money on needless surgery.

In the coming weeks you will here many a fear mongering in western media as to the plight of China. Do not believe them. We are in the final stages were any and all distractions are used to divert, distract, and acquiesce the population of this nation. Why? Simple there is a bit more resources that is to be wrung out. They will be coming for your homes and your land. Folks there is NO MONEY in WALL STREET!!! THERE IS NO ECONOMY IN THIS NATION. As I stated many times, when the central banks are the main sustainsers and drivers of all global economic activity, to the point that a market will implode without their constant stimulation, you do not have an economy, What you do have though is the maniacal world of tyrannical, despotic, banksters who play an imaginary game of Corporatism, their Monopoly. The Casino Prison Camp that we call America.

Which brings me to this. The much ballyhooed “TAPER” is coming in September, not later than that. Why? Well we have quite a few events that are around that time. September 23 is the German elections and Merkel’s job is in jeopardy. Unless the Eurogoons steal another election to avert the official collapse of the EU then we can see the largest economy in the Eurozone throw out those that have much maligned them and cast there lots in with the Russians. This taper will arrive like a still born baby on top of all the dismal corporate earnings. Look for the media to hype another jobs report. Really though this puts more pressure on the bond market that has already been repriced due to the complete lack of liquidity…Folks do you get what I am saying? If the Fed starts to Taper, Who buys the bonds? Bonds that are already feeling the heat of a bear market, a IR swap derivative crunch, rising interest rates and dollar flight is going to flounder when there is no Fed buying the junk. What about stocks? With rising interest rates that will be the natural reaction to a Fed taper you will get a massive reduction of capital, the solvency crisis of 2011 will come home to roost. The days of gamble now and pay later are over. What happens to Real Estate? The fake real estate come back which now is starting to flatline will be smashed as there will be no Fed buying of MBS and no buyers that want to touch American Mortgage Backed Securities with a ten foot pole. Basically every section that is vital to a functioning economy comes to a halt. Bernake exit stage left and the Cheshire Cat that is the Banksters begin to smile at their American spoils. All the while the Americans are stuck in the mindless Matrix of the Casino Prison Camp.

Folks I follow the data and when I see the real numbers past all the hyperbole, it screams one thing to me…WAR. It is coming and like a high ranking colonel in the Army once told my wife years ago. “When world war three happens and it will…It is definitely going to happen on this land.” My wife then asked,”Why?” He responded, ” History always repeats itself, this land needs to shed IT’S blood in order to move forward. It is time for America to shed it’s blood…again.”

Be Prepared.

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