The Fed Will Bankrupt the US Trying to “Create” Jobs

Thursday, August 8, 2013
By Paul Martin

by Phoenix Capital Research

The primary myth being perpetuated by the Central Banks of the world is the belief that loose monetary policy and money printing will lead to economic growth.

This is the reason why Central banks have cut interest rates more than 511 times since June 2007. It’s also why they’ve expanded their balance sheets by over $10 trillion (this doesn’t count unofficial lending windows and off balance sheet programs).

It’s a strange idea, especially when you consider that there is literally no evidence that printing money creates jobs. Look at Japan, they have and continue to maintain QE efforts equal to 40+% of their GDP and unemployment hasn’t budged in 20 years. The UK has engaged in QE equal to over 20% of GDP with no success.

If you need further proof that money printing and inflation don’t create jobs take a look at the below chart from Bill King’s The King Report. The blue line is CPI. The pink line is non-seasonally adjusted non-farm payroll (jobs). In the last 50 years, inflation has dramatically outperformed job creation.

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