Wednesday, August 7, 2013
By Paul Martin

By Ron Ewart
August 7, 2013

“Non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty, as cooperation with good.” —Mahatma Gandhi

We’ve all been taught to obey the law because in a nation of laws and not of men, following the law is the strength of the nation. In a free nation, following the law is paramount because not following the law leads to chaos and anarchy. But there is another scenario that is not taken into account with the necessity of following the law and that scenario occurs when those that make the law exceed their authority for creating law, or go berserk in passing laws, as is happening today.

All over America, law is being created without legal authority and in violation of constitutional limits on power, driven by an international mindset that manifests itself in the flawed ideology of social justice and radical environmental restrictions and limitations. This flawed ideology believes that man is a plague on the earth and must be severely regulated. One way to regulate the world population is to get them to believe that they are causing the pending catastrophe of global warming and their activities need to be scaled way back, but more particularly, American activities. The ideology also includes the implementation by law to make all humans equal under the guise of social justice, an impossible condition without the use of excessive government, totalitarian force.

After receiving an e-mail from one of our No Trespassing sign customers, expressing extreme anger over what he was facing from the local government and reading the response from his attorney over the situation, it occurred to us that Americans and more particularly rural landowners, are being driven into the uncomfortable position of either capitulating to unreasonable local government laws, or fighting the growing aggressive law enforcement by local authorities. As the landowner will soon learn the hard way, fighting government alone will rapidly exhaust their monetary resources, as the law and their attorney eats up the landowner’s savings in the fight.

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