Sunday, August 4, 2013
By Paul Martin

Aug 3, 2013

Hi Steve, You and “V” in a previous Hagmann and Hagmann show were talking about a take-down of the American banking system via a false flag Internet event. On this past Friday, August 2 where I work, we had major problems with processing credit cards and ATM cards. I work at a pharmaceutical retailer that has its own satellite system. I met some friends today that work at a major retailer and on the same day experienced major problems with both credit card processing and ATM processing. They said that customers were unable to purchase their goods and that they could only accept cash only for an extended period of time beyond several hours. These events took place over several hours initiating at around noon till late in the afternoon. I am curious if anyone else experienced these problems? I performed additional research to see if there were any sun related events that would’ve caused these problems to occur and there were none. I feel this is more than a coincidence, that it was a trial balloon for some things you and ‘V’ have explained to us. I feel it is also not a coincidence that the Dow Jones average and stock market have reached new highs. God bless you my Brother along with “V” and the Hagmann’s and now I feel the dominoes are FALLING. Please get this out for our time is indeed short. God bless all, destiny

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