Hathaway – Plunging COMEX Metal Stocks & BoE Gold Sales

Thursday, August 1, 2013
By Paul Martin

August 1, 2013

With gold and silver getting consolidating, today John Hathaway spoke with King World News about what is happening in the war on gold and silver. Hathaway also spoke about the gold and silver shares and what is taking place in the industry. Hathaway, of Tocqueville Asset Management L.P., is one of the most respected institutional minds in the world today regarding gold, and his fund was awarded a coveted 5-star rating.

Hathaway: “To me the biggest story right now is the disconnect between paper gold and physical gold. I see a lot of good commentary covering this on King World News. I just don’t know how this plays out, but it seems to me that if the banks were involved in manipulating electricity, oil, and LIBOR, why would gold be exempt from such manipulation?

That’s why I’m so interested in the fact that COMEX warehouse stocks have dropped to extremely low levels….

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