Marc Faber : The Financial Bubble will adjust to the downside either through Inflationary burst of the Collapse of the System

Monday, July 29, 2013
By Paul Martin
July 29, 2013

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth and the collapse of fiat currencies around the world. Buy physical silver and storable food.

World renown author and forecaster Marc Faber’s [Tomorrow’s Gold: Asia’s age of discovery, Riding the Millennial Storm: Marc Faber’s Path to Profit in the Financial Markets,The Great Money Illusion; The Confusion Of The Confusions] latest take on the situation:

One day, this financial bubble will have to adjust on the downside. either it will adjust on the downside because we have an inflationary burst or we have a collapse of the system we do not know exactly how the end game will be played – in a recent interview with The Prospect Group

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